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John Green

Photographing butterflies has been my passion for over 40 years. In 2008 I collected together 450 photographs and had them published in a book called Papillons de Montagnes et de Collines (Mountain and hillside butterflies). 

In the last 12 years I have taken many more photos and have been encouraged by friends to share them with a wider audience – hence this website. As a teenager I read a book called Beningfield’s Butterflies which consisted of paintings of many U.K. butterflies resting on suitable herbage. A challenge I set myself was to take naturally posed photographs of butterflies in a similar vein. The painter has the advantage of only including that peripheral detail he deems enhancing to the main subject. The photograph includes everything in the camera viewfinder and so the photographer’s task is to minimise intrusion of extraneous objects (grass stems, leaves and branches in this case) which would distract from the main subject. He also has to obtain a reasonably sharp image of the butterfly – not always easy when even a mild breeze catching the butterflies’ wings means the subject rapidly moves in and out of focus. How well I met this challenge can be judged by the results.

Hard Cover Books

Papillons de Montagnes et de Collines
21 août 2007

Was 48€ - Now 18€

Book Cover.jpg

Papillons de Montagnes et de Collines is in French but I can email a complete English translation of the text, which runs to 35 A4 closely typed pages, if required. All UK species are illustrated in the book. The text is a non-technical introduction to the ‘lifestyle’ of butterflies and has received many compliments, rivalling those received for its photographs. The original price of the book was 48 but I can now sell it for £18 or 18, plus postage.

The coffee-table (or beaux-livres) style book is in large format  24x32cm, 204 pages, 450 photos.

Any of the photographs on this website can be reproduced for non-commercial purposes at no cost as long as text showing the copyright of the photographer accompanies the reproduction. Modest fees would be charged for commercial use. A high resolution digital file of a photograph (typically approx. 5 Mg jpeg file and/or 11 Mg RAW file) is available if someone wants to create their own print. This would cost 15.


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